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Reflection on Ruin

by Shade of Hatred

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Prodrome 02:10
Martyr 05:17
A scourge is looming in the West Peace and love it does not comprehend Obsessed it is, consumption and greed None can stand the force of this consuming stampede Our ways are imperilled A legacy defiled We call upon the ones who hold the faith deep in their hearts As one, we'll rid the world of the impure You prey upon the ones who feel they don't belong. Filth! Machinating minds with promises grandeur Conquest, brutality remains The only way to ascend and free this place Behold the devastation of our righteous cause Obtained through sacrifice of the ego Our lives, expendable Serving greater good We call upon the ones who hold the faith deep in their hearts As one, we'll rid the world of the impure Twisting of perception, erasing their own thoughts Urged upon a path, eager to meet your god "What prevents you from attaining martyrdom and the pleasure of your Lord? Look around you when you sit in comfort and ask yourself: If this how you wish to die?" We call upon the ones who hold the faith deep in their hearts Brothers, time to be the liberators we have sought Consumed by the searing hatred you have wrought Now they follow blind to drench the world in blood Valiant and just Confused and exploited Calling out to us Sent to a noble death Sent to a pointless death Now I strap martyr's fire to my chest My cry, enraged I thunder Wreaking desolation with my last breath My corpse be torn asunder
Evangelist I 04:26
Born, raised, versed, imbued Holy scripture I've pursued A circle unified of Brother, sisters, fates divine Within these harbouring walls Deception cannot harm Where hearts are filled with love Iron minds, reinforced Bear onto the earth Sovereign hallowed law Open wide your eyes To heaven's searing light You heathens sanctified Evangelist I Set in stone, I made my choice Though I never heard the voice A might divine This spirit holy, surging through me Where have I gone astray? On bleeding knees, I did pray My ambivalence It leaves me hollow, cold, dismayed They begin to speak in tongues A preposterous display My doubts remain unsung Buried until another day Beyond my home I've come to learn Bridge by bridge they start to burn My ignorance Fed to the pyre, rising higher Arts exiled came to me Science and philosophy Enlightening, frightening revelation Wrenched my spirit free Look upon us! How could I've been so blind? And blazed the trail for lies I've sown the barren seed Of a ruinous rotten creed To dust the wings of faith Arising from the flames Anew, I'm standing tall Etched into the ground I cast off my former robes, with sodden steps, I tread into a new dawn
Lo, lo and behold As tapestries of time Unfold and decay Before my eyes Here, here I now stand Upon the torrid sands Revelation floods the mind Oh, such wasted potential To heal the essential... ...Life Denied By sway Of beguiling coin Our home This sanctuary Is laid to ruin To waste Blackened days, all daylight fades Yet we won't shed our cancerous ways A drowning haze, the skies ablaze Man plunged into forlorn graves Walk with me I'll make you see Our weakness and hypocrisy Perceive with me As mankind bleeds To where this apathy might lead No use for regret It's much too late Chant your prayer While you suffocate When do winds of change turn to storm And bring motion to the gears of revolution? Tremor! I feel the quavering Tremor! Heralding the end
Sleepless nights Haunting terrors The fabric of reality Seems tattered A fog in my head of countless echoes Once distant and far, seem close Cries Clawing away The veil, torn to rags Receding lucidity is breeding ferocity I've come to this place Forlorn. In desperate need To put my mind at ease I beg of you, please Because far too long I've harkened to their calls Convincing me there's menace all around I can't make sense of this madness in my ears You ask me why I'm here, well... Aid I've come to find Craving to define What is real and what is conjured by my fractured mind Breaking all the chains The fire in my veins Is tearing through my skull and driving me insane I've completely lost the reins Well, my friend, there's one thing we can do All this time we've waited just for you Sign these forms. Our sessions can begin His gentle features fold into a grin All this time the whisperings bore seeming of the dead Now a gentle face reveals her wardening instead I bolt from my seat Reeling on my feet I meet his gaze Staring straight through their deceit The blink of an eye A violent desperate cry I throw myself upon this fiend Attempt to take its life The doors fling open, others storming in With twisted limbs and terrifying skin Grabbing both my arms, searing pain I'm lost, encaged, never seen again The needle finds a vein
Elysium 06:50
The wells are poisoned The herds lie sick Progress did cast us Into a black abyss Fear amongst the young ones All weary, hope deprived Bearing marks of relentless strife In slums filled with broken minds The heat, scorching my face Meadows ablaze Lightning scars the heavens The oceans disgraced My earth defaced Now fire burns our sky Abort your cancerous ways Retract your felonies Scorned! Reveries erased Plagued! Our bleak, dismal fate Upon this tower high Marble stone and cleaner skies Like gods above mortals rise The callous, cruel and heart deprived You've crossed the Rubicon Generations dead and gone Below we sing, in unison Laments to the dying dawn Our breaking of chains Violence in vain For a haven far beyond our reach You're safe from our cries Astray from your eyes Soundly you'll go to sleep Abort your cancerous ways Retract your felonies Scorned! Reveries erased Plagued! Our bleak, dismal fate No mason could ever forge passage Across this crevice of utter madness Your care-naught philosophy Beyond all reasoning Relentless agony Condemned... eternally
MAOA-L 04:03
No remorse Pouring rain, a bleak autumn day This unburdened soul did wither away Horrible fate, a fierce struggle in vain Wrenched from this world in a sickening state of dismay By this monstrosity, this unscrupulous filth's revolting salacity How we've seen all the cruelty in this being Amongst us, yet devoid of empathy Serpent tongue, generic face How indistinct and commonplace Beguiling words, you found a way Out of your cage How they have failed Those entrusted with your restrain Now, can they explain? Live with this disgrace? How could it be that this bastard roamed free? How can we forgive harbingers of such agony? I'd sentence to death Willing to sacrifice my very humanity No remorse None Bitter hearts engrieved Left to mourn in disbelief Yet this woe, I know Can't ever be relieved Now my mind's eye is tormented when I Think of this night, I imagine her mortified cries The echoing screams Face filled with tears craving eternal release
Enuma Elish 06:56
From abyssal chaos born Abzu, Tiamat, came forth Churning a primal storm Enigma, creation Tremors in the coiling seas Of primordial legacy Their primordial legacy Three of a might grandeur Enki, Enlil, Anu Triad, reigning ones Countless kin, pantheon Dwelling in the ocean one Bastion, Tiamat Anger grows, Abzu sows A most sinister approach Heirs reduced, down to foes Engulfing rage, they shall know Vile intention, now shown Caught in the undertow "My slumber disturbed They all... must burn" "I bear them no harm Enki, heed my alarm" Hand of Enlil, stride forth Towards the far waters To lay waste upon the All-father Abzu's demise achieved A bride bereaved His bride bereaved He: Lord of raging winds Harbinger of violent storm Marduk: son of Enki Revered, mountain born Carving through the waves Woeful maternal rage Eleven fiends, she creates Defeated, tattered, torn And from her broken corpse Earth and sky, he'll form "When the sky above was not named And the earth beneath did not yet bear its name No field yet formed, no marsh to be seen When of the gods, none had been called into being"


released September 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Shade of Hatred De Bilt, The Netherlands

Shade of Hatred is a Melodic Death Metal band from The Netherlands. Originating from
the mind of Florian, the band descended into existence in 2011. With a clear musical
vision the group now consists of Rik as vocalist, Florian and Chuy on guitar, Abel on bass
and Yannick on drums. Driven,
passionate, but most of all... Metal!
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